Community Grants

Every year, Hands Across Canberra grants to support build healthy, vibrant, and livable communities.

Hands Across Canberra grants to accelerate social impact and support need in the community. The not-for-profit sector plays an immense role in addressing community need and finding solutions to its toughest problems. A strong not-for-profit sector benefits everyone.  The organisation believes it is a shared cross-sector responsibility to address the city’s greatest challenges and intelligent granting plays a part. Since 2010, Hands Across Canberra has granted $3.5 million to projects that serve the most vulnerable.

Bringing our partners’ assets to the table allows us to identify opportunities for impact. It also allows for a learning and convening space to better understand the community organisations we work with and their context, as well as offering a platform for collaboration. The local relationships and knowledge we have gained over the last decade make it easier for us to identify where our investments should be. We constantly strive to deepen impact with the finite resources available to us and continuously assess granting process to ensure impact is optimised.

As part of our 2021-2025 strategic plan, we will be focusing on supporting new and existing systems that address the source of issues affecting our community’s and attempt to create positive change. This will be done by consulting widely with the sector on its assets in tackling these issues. As a community foundation we remain intently aware of the value of interventions that provide critical assistance to people in need; however, we also know how crucial it is to look for solutions that address problems at the source, based on these community’s assets. We therefore take a two-pronged approach that seeks structural change while providing assistance to projects supporting those in immediate need.

Interested in applying for a grant or learning more? Check-out current/open grant rounds below. You can also see all previous granted projects here or read about some of our featured grants here.

Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund

The Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund was created in June 2018 with the objective to assist in meeting the social, economic, cultural, educational, environmental and other charitable needs of the community in the Australian Capital Territory (and the immediately surrounding region) for the public benefit. The ACT Government invested $5 million as seed funding to kick-start a long term commitment to our local charities and community sector to support their incredible work and also explore innovative solutions to meeting community needs. The Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund Grant Program is aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable people by supporting and working with charitable organisations and social enterprises. The fund is managed by Hands Across Canberra.

Grant Round

Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund – Fall 2021 Grant Round

Apply between 6 May - 4 June 2021.

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Other CBR+ grant rounds

Hands Across Canberra’s role is to encourage Canberrans to think about being generous locally. To help our large community sector get access to much needed funds Hands Across Canberra raises money which is then allocated to those community organisations doing great work with our most vulnerable people. Every year, Hands Across Canberra grants support build healthy, vibrant, and livable communities.

Grant Round

John James Foundation – Community Health Program 2021

JJF are looking to support healthcare projects that provide positive social impact in the ACT and surrounds. Applications close 14 May 2021.

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